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At BullsEyeVertising, we focus on providing you with innovative funnel and digital marketing solutions that will guarantee booked qualified leads for your programs. At a minimum, this means accelerated revenue growth for your business.

Virtual VIP Day

1. The Pre-work

When you sign up for the High Ticket Client Enrollment System (HTCES) FUNNEL VIP Day, you're first going to answer some questions about your business. It'll take you probably 30-45 minutes to answer all the questions.

Then, your answers will be our homework. We're going to dig into your Company, and start to look at who your competitors are, what things are working, what's not, look at all your sales pages, your offers, ads, and websites. We want to find out more about you, and get to know enough about your company so that we can present you with the best solution.

2. The Strategy Call

Next, we'll jump on a call for five (5) hours (split into 2x sessions). The call will be recorded, so you will be able to refer to it whenever you like. During the call, we'll go over all of the pre-work and research so we can discuss, hash out, and make a road map for your new High Ticket Client Enrollment System FUNNEL and how it fits into the context of your business.

We will review your current offers and marketing funnels, and you will get all the strategies and tactics we have acquired over the years practicing our craft. We will use that information to help you develop a solid growth strategy for your company.

By the end of the five hours, you will have everything laid out in a clear and actionable plan that you can actually take and implement yourself if you have the time.

3. The (HTCES) FUNNEL Report

As soon as the call is done, you will receive a recording of the session and then we will create your (HTCES) FUNNEL report.

The report basically summarizes and explains everything we discussed in great detail. If you decide not to work with us, the plan will be yours to execute with your team.

4. The Signature Done-For-You (DFY) Service

After the VIP Day, we can now outline the scope of work for the Done-For-You service.

The DFY service includes everything in the funnel:

The build and launch process usually takes 90 days.

9-Step Signature Process


Developing and Packaging Your Offer

Quickly stand out in a crowded marketplace while increasing your advertising success without feeling invisible.


Planning a winning marketing campaign

Quickly plan a winning marketing campaign while increasing your confidence without all the guesswork.


Cloning your perfect client

Quickly build a steady stream of clients while up-leveling your messaging without facing financial uncertainty.


Building our your money magnet message

Quickly stand out in a crowded marketplace while increasing your conversions without having to hire expensive copywriters.


Develop your plan of action for Lead Magnets

Generate 2-10x more leads while increasing their lead flow without live webinars or complicated funnels.


Develop your plan of action for creating authority videos

Quickly book strategy sessions while increasing your authority & impact without tech overwhelm.


Develop your plan of action for your ninja nurture sequence

Quickly convert cold traffic into a warm audience while increasing your conversion without email copywriting frustration.


Plan for your winning ad campaign

Quickly create a flood of new leads and prospects without wasting time and money trying to do it yourself the wrong way.


Build your course enrollment process

Quickly enroll high-ticket clients while increasing your sales without high-pressure sales tactics.

When you get the Done-For-You Package, you get these:

Get our High Ticket Client Enrollment Roadmap!

Download your copy of our DFY High Ticket Client Enrollment System Roadmap so you can see EXACTLY what steps you should be taking right now to achieve your revenue goals.