7 Reasons Why Text Message Marketing For Small Business Is Literally The Best Idea Ever

Are you feeling discouraged because you’re not making enough money in your business through your marketing efforts? 

Let me let you in on a little secret, it’s because what is HOT in our industry world changed every month and you may be working on an old marketing tactic that’s probably been used and abused. You need fresh to the market marketing tactics. 

But here is the problem you don’t have the time, the research, or the patience to keep googling for the advice. 

And anyway, how would you know what bit of advice works the best? You don’t have time to keep up with the ever-changing marketing strategies. You have your clients to attend to, right?

If you are nodding agreeing to what I am saying then you are going to want to read this because I am about to share with you 7 Reasons to Add SMS (you know fancy for text messaging) to your marketing? Why, because it’s HOT right now and you DO NOT have the time to research this yourself!

More and more are using text message marketing for small business, either in conjunction with their other marketing efforts, or as a stand- alone channel.

And since it’s proven to be one of the strongest forms of marketing today, such as content marketing, you might want to consider adding it to your marketing arsenal. Here’s why:

Reason #1: Text Messaging is Proven to Work


Text message marketing for small business is phenomenally effective, with 8 times the engagement rate of email marketing. Did you hear that? 8 times the engagement! Text messages have an almost 100% open rate, and most people read them within a few minutes of receiving them.

And text marketing has a higher conversion rate than most other marketing channels, making it proven and powerful at moving the sales process forward.


Reason #2: Text Messaging is Popular


Today, text messaging is one of the most common forms of communication, especially among Millennials. Over 90 percent of American adults have a cell phone, and 81% use it to text. These numbers are even higher for younger generations.


Reason #3: Customers Like It

In one study, approximately 70 percent of customers say they want businesses to communicate with them through text messaging.

And since commercial texting is an opt-in service, everyone you are texting has signed up to receive your messages, making them receptive to your text message offers.

Reason #4: SMS is Convenient

One of the best features of SMS is just how convenient it is. Most people are carrying their cell phones with them nearly all of the time. If they choose to opt into your campaign after they see your ad, they simply need to text in a keyword and it’s done.

This makes for high open rates, high engagement rates and an extremely convenient way for customers to redeem your offer without having to remember to bring along a coupon or print something out.

Reason #5: Plenty of Untapped Potential

While it’s becoming more popular, SMS is still virtually untapped compared to other marketing mediums.

This means there’s not as much spam, and customers aren’t overwhelmed by too many messages. At least, not yet.

In this regard, text message marketing for small business is a better choice than email marketing. And it also helps you to stand out from your competition, too.

Reason #6: Text Messaging is Affordable and Easy to Use

Most text message services are quite inexpensive, with monthly plans available if you’re sending a high volume of texts.

Even the messages themselves don’t cost much money to create. They are text-based, so there are no expensive graphics — and they are digital, so there is no paper or printing cost. And what two products – for example, a balloon and a cloth sack – can you combine into a new product?

It’s also easy to get started. You simply need to create a list of your subscribers. Then, you can send out scheduled messages to your entire list, specific groups, or individuals.


Reason #7: Fast Results


As we mentioned earlier, text message marketing for small business is immediate and direct. People view their cell phones as an extension of themselves, so the messages they sign up to receive are important to them.

Because texts are sent directly to the customers and people read them within minutes, you can provide last-minute deals and offers. You can also send out updates in real time. And texting can even be set up as a two-way communication channel, so you have the option to receive messages directly from customers.

As you can see, text messaging offers a lucrative space for developing your marketing strategy.
You are targeting those who have already demonstrated an interest in your business in a direct, immediate, and convenient manner that benefits both your customers and yourself.

I am going to end this post with one other Tip about Text Messaging. Here is a strategy to use. If you have an automated webinar, use text messaging to text your attendees who didn’t buy “live” on the webinar a special offer. A text message that goes something like this, Hi this is “Jan Doe” Josie just gave me permission to give the next 10 people who purchase from this text message access to her Seven-Step Blueprint for Creating Profitable Passive Income Training Programs in 2 Days or Less. If you are interested just text back, I want more info. 

Then you can send them the link to a special page that when they purchase your program, they also get their hands on the bonus you promised. 

Of course, you are going to want to make this text as short as possible and split test it. See how the conversion goes, then if you need to change up the words, change up the bonus, change up the offer. 

You may just get more sales from that text message then you did on the webinar itself. 

So….If you focus on adding Text Messaging to your marketing campaigns, you will see a huge spike in your sales and customer interaction.  



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