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We’ve all heard it…

“If you build it, they will come.”

Well, that’s only half true.

In the world of internet marketing, having a website or product isn’t enough – you need to have a lead funnel in place if you want to turn curious visitors into paying customers.

But even with an optimized lead funnel system, many coaches and course creators still struggle to generate leads and sales. So why isn’t your lead funnel working?

The answer is simple: no matter how great your offer is, it won’t take off without the right strategies in place. Lucky for you, we have five simple strategies that are sure to supercharge your lead funnel and deliver the results you’re after!

So… Why Are Your Lead Funnels Falling Flat?

If you’re a 6-7 figure coach or course creator, chances are you’ve heard about lead funnels. But maybe you’ve also been frustrated when they don’t seem to be working the way they should. Lead funnels can be a powerful tool to generate new leads and grow your business, but getting them to work successfully can feel like an uphill battle.

The truth is, there are a few key reasons why your lead funnel isn’t working as it should. But before we dive into what those reasons might be, let’s use an analogy to help break it down…

Imagine that your lead funnel is like a game of basketball. You’ve got all the pieces in place – the court, the hoop, the ball – but something’s off, and no one’s making any shots! 

What could be causing this? Could it be that one player isn’t quite up to par with the others? Or maybe everyone needs more practice?

The same principles apply to your lead funnel. Sure, you might have all the pieces in place (emails, calls-to-action, etc.), but nothing will happen if something isn’t quite right!

So, what could be wrong? Generally speaking, there are three primary causes of a failing funnel:

1) Poorly designed emails

If you want your leads to convert into customers, then you must design engaging and compelling emails that capture their attention and make them take action.

2) Unclear call-to-actions

Your email may be interesting and informative, but if the final call-to-action isn’t clear and easy to understand, then there won’t be any conversions. Make sure your CTA is obvious!

3) Lack of analysis

It is also important to analyze how well your funnel is performing so that you can identify any potential problems and make corrections accordingly. Without analysis, you won’t know what needs improving or where potential issues lie.

Now that we know some of the most common reasons for an unsuccessful lead funnel, let’s look at how we can fix them. 

Simple Strategies for Lead Funnels That Convert Like Crazy!

It goes without saying that if you want to succeed as a 6-7 figure coach or course creator, having an effective lead funnel is essential.

A good lead funnel is like the machine that keeps your business running, allowing potential customers to find you and stay engaged with your content until they’re ready to purchase. That said, creating a lead funnel that works isn’t always easy — especially for those of us who aren’t marketers.

Take our clients, for instance. Many had no idea what a lead funnel was or how to create one. In fact, they thought it sounded like some kind of complicated contraption that only marketing experts could put together. But with our guidance, they learned how to build an effective lead funnel and understood that it really wasn’t nearly as complicated as they expected.

Creating an effective lead funnel doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming — all it takes is a few simple strategies that can be implemented quickly and easily. Here are five of our favorites:

Strategy #1: Start With A Strong Offer That’s Irresistible

Let’s start with the basics. If you want people to follow through on your offer (aka convert), then you need something truly irresistible – something they can’t refuse!

Think about it this way: your offer needs to be so compelling that even if someone visits your page by accident, they’ll end up signing up anyway.

This might sound like a tall order, but it’s not impossible! 

The key is to create an offer that provides incredible value for very little cost. This could mean offering discounts on other products or services in exchange for contact information or giving free consultations or samples of products or services. As long as you provide value upfront and make people feel like they got something worthwhile out of the deal, then there’s no reason why people wouldn’t be interested in what you have to offer.

Your offer is the foundation of your entire funnel, so it’s important to ensure it’s something people can’t refuse. Consider what your target audience finds valuable and ensure your offer reflects that. Make sure it adds value and solves a problem for them.

Strategy #2: Create a Lead Magnet To Give Away In Exchange For Contact Information

Just as important as having an irresistible offer is having something valuable to give away in exchange for contact information from potential customers or clients. This is known as creating a “lead magnet” – an incentive designed specifically to get people to opt-in and provide their contact information so that you can reach out and begin building relationships with them later down the line.

Lead magnets can range from eBooks and whitepapers filled with useful information to exclusive discounts on products and services or even free trials of popular software programs – anything that provides immediate value and encourages prospects to share their contact details with you willingly.

It’s also important not to overpromise when creating lead magnets. Make sure whatever you give away is something worth downloading or viewing. Otherwise prospects won’t bother taking action on future offers from you either.

Make sure this lead magnet provides real value and is related to the offer in some way—it should be something people can use right away and makes them more likely to take advantage of your offer later on down the road.

Strategy #3: Place A Lead Capture Form Prominently On Your Website

Once you’ve created an irresistible offer and a valuable lead magnet, it’s time to put them front and center so people can easily find them when browsing your website. 

The best way to do this is by adding prominent call-to-actions (CTAs) throughout your site so visitors know exactly what action they need to take next for them to gain access to your incredible offer (or download your amazing lead magnet).

Make sure these CTAs are placed prominently above the fold, so visitors don’t have to scroll down too far before seeing them – otherwise, they might start browsing elsewhere before ever getting around to signing up for what you have on offer. Placing these prominently on relevant pages throughout your website will let potential customers know exactly where they should go if they want what you’re offering for free!

Strategy #4: Use Social Media To Drive Traffic To Your Landing Pages

Social media platforms are great tools for connecting with potential leads who may be interested in what you have going on at any given time – provided that you use them correctly!

Start by setting up business accounts on popular social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., then use those accounts strategically by sharing engaging content related to both your offers AND what interests those target audience members most (this could include relevant articles related topics within your niche). Doing this keeps followers coming back for more every day, which makes it much easier for them to transition into paying customers further down the line as they learn what sets your business apart from the competition!

Also, ensure you’re engaging regularly with potential customers by providing helpful content that solves their problems or answers their questions (as opposed to spammy sales copy). This will show them they can trust you as an expert source while also introducing them to what you have to offer!

Strategy #5: Follow Up With Leads Promptly And Regularly

Last but certainly not least, don’t forget about following up with leads promptly after their initial inquiry! Doing this helps ensure those prospects don’t forget what awesome thing was offered.

Email them timely reminders regarding your upcoming events/webinars/deadlines etc. This gives the impression that your brand cares about your customers enough to keep them top of mind at all times, even after the opt-in process has been completed!

Following up quickly shows appreciation and will increase conversions since many of these leads may have forgotten about signing up or gotten distracted by something else entirely without ever taking action toward becoming a customer!

From Strategy to Success: What to Do After Implementing Killer Lead Funnel Tactics

The idea of creating a lead funnel that actually works can be quite daunting. You know the strategies, but what else do you need to do?

Well, to harness the power of a successful lead funnel, you must understand the whole process and make sure you play your part right.

Let’s break it down into three steps that will help you create an effective lead funnel:

Determine Your Target Audience

The first step is to identify and understand who your target audience is. Knowing who your audience is and their needs will give you an edge in developing tactics and strategies to reach them successfully.

Choose the Right Platforms

Selecting the right channels for promotions is equally important as identifying your target audience. For example, if you target tech-savvy people, social media sites like LinkedIn or Twitter would be perfect for promoting your product or service. On the other hand, using email campaigns or webinars would be more suitable for reaching professionals or business owners.

Utilize Engaging Content

Content plays a major role when creating a lead funnel that works. Creating compelling content with rich visuals and catchy headlines will entice users to take action and convert them into leads. Also, remember that having valuable content on your website or blog will increase credibility among users and further boost conversion rates.

Follow these three steps and you’ll be able to create an effective lead funnel that generates results! However, there’s one more thing you need to pay attention to – adding some pizzazz!

To truly stand out from the crowd and generate leads effectively, add something unique and personalize your content according to each user’s needs. For instance, why not tell a witty story about how someone once used your services? Or come up with engaging copywriting ideas that draw people in? It doesn’t have to be anything complicated – just light-hearted humor can do wonders for engagement levels!

Creating an effective lead funnel isn’t easy, but once done correctly it can really work wonders for your business!

The Short

Creating an effective lead funnel doesn’t have to be overly complex—just use the tips and strategies outlined above as starting points, then adjust based on what works best for your specific situation. The basics we outlined will help any 6-7 figure coach or course creator to easily create effective lead funnels that actually work – funnels that generate leads AND conversions without requiring complicated sales tactics or tricks of any kind!

Now that we’ve gone over the basics of creating an effective lead funnel for 6-7 figure coaches and course creators, why not join us at the Scale To 7 Figures Without Complicated Sales Funnels Facebook group? We’d love for you to join our community of entrepreneurs who are looking to share their experiences. You’ll get tips on making sure your sales funnels run smoothly from beginning to end. We are all about making it easy for you to succeed. See you on the inside!

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